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Celebrating the stories of women in technology and entrepreneurship in Israel


We share stories and showcase role models of women in technology in Israel. We have an amazing community of 19,000 members.

Follow the stories of the incredible women on social media, for your weekly dose of inspiration. Nominate an amazing woman here!

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Increasing female applicant pipelines

Women are underrepresented in tech.


One third of Israel's tech workers are women. This number is significantly lower for technical roles.

We pair with accelerators, non-profits, schools, and other organizations to share their stories and help them target more female applicants.

We loved partnering with


Israel faces a shortage of 10,000 engineers in the next decade.


For International Women's Day, expert Women of Startup Nation gave advice to inspire more girls to be a part of this lucrative and pioneering industry.

Empowering more technical female speakers

Many conferences and speaker panels in Israel lack female representation. 

We put together a crowdsourced list of amazing female speakers.

If you are organizing a speaker panel, feel free to use this as a resource. If you are a speaker, add yourself!



We just wrapped up our second cohort of Women of Startup Nation Accelerator (WOSNA)!


Only 10% of Israeli startups are led by women. There are unique challenges faced by women raising funds, including under-funding, smaller networks, and structural barriers.


Through WOSNA, hosted at Google for Startups, we aim to accelerate the success of female-founded companies in Israel.


you can find information on the accelerator team here


Barr Yaron


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Barr is passionate about reducing barriers for women in technology, and increasing capital for female founders. She has always worked in male-dominated fields, beginning with studying math, computer science, and economics, as an undergraduate at Harvard. 

Barr founded Women of Startup Nation in late 2016, while working as a data scientist at Facebook in Tel Aviv.  Now, she is pursuing her MBA at Stanford, working in venture, and thinking of ways to to further bridge the connection between the Israeli and Silicon Valley ecosystems.


Eden Adler

Operations Manager

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Eden Adler is a Software Engineer living in Tel Aviv who holds a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. With a vision to impact the medical field through technology, she enrolled in a coding bootcamp in Tel Aviv, and five months later started working as a software developer at Lemonade.


She is passionate about diversifying tech and bridging the gap between software engineers and the rest of the world. This led her to join WOSN, and create ‘What the Tech’, an Instagram account aimed at peaking the interest of those who never considered a career in tech. An immigrant to Israel herself, she is also a board member of Olim in Tech.

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